Research at AHO

AHO aspires to be a leading Nordic institution within the fields of architecture and design.

AHO is concerned with the developement of knowledge within practical, academic and artistic fields and is administring an international and relevant knowledge. Architecture, urbanism and design retrieves information from a variety of scientific disciplines, humanistic, artistic, social, natural and technological / engineering research.

AHO has its own PhD program.


  • Research units

    Research at AHO are organized into four academic institutes and specialized research centers within prioritized subject areas.

  • Research news

    News about research projects, publications and other research related activities at AHO.

  • The PhD program

    AHO offers a doctoral degree program within architecture, urbanism, industrial design and other relevant practical and aesthetic subjects.

  • Publications

    Research catalogues, PhD theses and other publications from AHO academic staff.