Institute of Form, Theory and History

The faculty at the Institute of Form, Theory and History (FTH) teach at all academic levels, from first year studio via master studios and elective courses, to the PhD programme. In addition, FTH offers a post-professional Master of Architectural Conservation. Courses at FTH are closely linked to Architectural practice and to ongoing research conducted within OCCAS, the Oslo Centre for Critical Architectural Studies.

The first year studio introduces the students to the complexity of the craftsmanship of Architecture and includes courses in freehand drawing, workshop practices, computer-aided design, material technology and Architecture- Art- and Design history. During second and third year the institute provides courses in Norwegian Architectural History, Design History, The History of Architectural Theory and Examen Philosophicum.

The practice-based master’s studies include studios on preservation and reuse, experimental studios focused on methods and forms of expression, and more traditional, program-driven design-studios. The research-based studios focus on architectural history and historiography, design history, drawing, critical conservation and transformation of historical structures, contemporary architecture, as well as museums, models and architectural exhibitions.

Erik Langdalen is Head of Institute.

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