The papers have now been peer reviewed and will be available for viewing and download in mid November.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

A day addressing issues and potentials for service providers. This day will present Service Design to service providers - both public and private.

The Government Design Competition 2010.
Nina Berre. Norsk Form

How Service Thinking through Design creates new service opportunities.
Lavrans Løvlie. LiveWork | See video

Life in 2020.
Erik Kruse. Ericsson | See video

The Horsepower Challenge. An insurance company, a hacked pedometer and changed lives.
Matt Cottam. Tellart  | See video

Service Montages: how services and storytelling create compelling service experiences.
Christian Palino. Adaptive Path

Hello Health - Innovative primary healthcare.
Jay Parkinson. Hello Health | See video

Service Design in the UK. How the Design Council managed innovations in public services.
Marianne Guldbrandsen. The Design Council | See video

Putting users at the centre of Innovation.
Richard White. User voice | See video

Innovation in Tourism
Marc Stickdorn. MCI | See video

Using Service Design principles in ICT projects.
Kjell Reenskaug. Making Waves | See video


A crossover day, bringing business, design and research together through tutorials, workshops and more.  


I) Teaching/Service Design Education

Service Design at Elisava
Ariel Guersenzvalg, Barcelona

Developing International Expertise Services
Jukka Ojasalo & Rob Moonen, Laurea


II) Methods/tools - combined workshop

The Serpe prototyping tool
Aprile Walter

Best tools and methods for service design
Real, Perez  & Orozco

Mobile tool for customer input along the service journey
Marc Stickdorn, Jakob Schneider

Trend forecasting as a tool for Service Design
Lee Hyang Eun


III) Systems thinking - understanding services as a system

Systems thinking as the foundation for service design (half day workshop/tutorial)
Kristian Astrup Nielsen, Jonas Astrup Nielsen


IV) Applying design thinking and methods to services

Applying design thinking and methods to services.
A workshop run by Stuart Bailey.


V) Challenges in digital services provision

Services in e-learning
Joyce S R Yee, Lauren Tan and Phillip Meredith

Designing Mobile Service Experiences, an exploratory study

Tibi and Dabo Robots: Service Design for Urban Settings
Jimenez, Castan Favaro

Service Design and the development of Secondbrain.com
Lars Georg Teigen, Johan-Christian Høgåsen-Hallesby 


VI) Designing public services

Service Design - what do we want it to be known for
Ida Vesterdal

Innovation in health services
Francis D'Silva

The challenge of “not invented here” when designing public services
Kaja Misvær

Civic services on an infrastructure founded on search
Bjørn Tennøe and Kjersti Corneliussen


A day to discuss research into Service Design and design-related service innovation.

Participative, Co-operative, Emancipatory: From participatory design to service design 
Stefan Holmlid, Linköping University

Warts-and-all: The real practice of service design
Yoko Akama, RMIT University 

Beyond the Experience. In search of an operative paradigm for the industrialisation of services 
Nicola Morelli. Aalborg University.

Bridging the gap between brand strategy and customer experience. The target experience tool 
Simon Clatworthy. Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO.


Parallel session 1a: Service Design Thinking, Service Design Leadership and Service Design Management (Large Auditorium)

Exploring Overlaps and Differences in Service Dominant Logic and Design Thinking
Katarina Wetter Edman. University of Gothenburg

Service Design Leadership
Judith Gloppen. Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Managing Stakeholder Involvement in Service Design: Insights from British service designers
Qin Han. University of Dundee


Parallel session 1b: Prototyping and conceptualising services. (Small auditorium)

Exemplars in Service Design
Johan Blomkvist and Stefan Holmlid. Linköping University

Someone Else's Shoes - Using Role-Playing Games in User-Centered Service Design 
Peter Kaario, Kirsikka Vaajakallio (TaiK); Vilma Lehtinen, Vesa Kantola, Kai Kuikkaniemi (HIIT).

Conceptualising services – developing service concepts through AT-ONE 
Christian Tollestrup. University of Aalborg


Parallel session 2a: Visualisation during the Service Design process

Communicating through Visualizations: Service Designers on Visualizing User Research
Fabian Segelström. University of Linköping

Visualtiles - Communication tools for (service) design
Chiara Diana, Elena Pacenti, Roberta Tassi. Domus Academy

Exploring Service Blueprints for Multiple Actors: A Case Study of Car Parking Services
Thomas Wreiner, Ingrid Mårtensson, Olof Arnell, Natalia Gonzalez, Stefan Holmlid, Fabian Segelström. University of Linköping.


Parallel session 2b: Social Engagement and Co-Creation

Co-Designing Sustainable Solutions - Combining Service Design and Change Laboratory
Satu-Mari Korhonen and Juha Kronkvist. UIAH.

‘Love Lewisham’, improving stakeholder satisfaction in local government service: A case study of strategic public sector service innovation
Alison Prendiville. University of the Arts, London.

Clinicians as Service Designers? Reflections on current transformation in the UK health services
Valerie Carr, Daniela Sangiorgi, Monika Büscher, Rachel Cooper, Sabine Junginger. Lancaster University.


Poster presentations

Informal service offer: Peddling
Dilek Akbulut, Gazi University